What is PPC or Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per –Click Ads also known as PPC Ads is an online advertising model use to bring traffic to advertiser website or landing page. Its the way to buy visitors to advertisers’ website or page.  Usually advertiser only has to pay when visitor clicks on their ads but sometimes advertiser has to pay a little amount for per thousand impressions even visitors do not click on ads.

What is PPC

With the search engines advertisers bid with certain search terms or keywords and GEO location search engines allocates the ads position according to the bid and quality score.  Quality scores are calculated according to keywords popularity, ads text and landing page’s relevancy. Ads with better quality score get better position when someone search for specific keywords or search term.

Key befits of PPC:

  • Immediate Traffic gain
  • Bringing the specific traffic
  • Lactation and device targeting
  • Cheaper option for getting lead
  • Cheaper for branding with display ads

I order to get right result with your ppc ads you need detail knowledge about ppc and the platform you are using or you need to hire a qualified ppc agency. Otherwise you might welcome unwanted traffic with your spending. Google Adwords, Bing Yahoo are popular platform of Pay-Per-Click ads.