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Optimising your website is best way to get your website found and provide information to search engines to make your site more relevant to online users. Search engine optimisation very important for almost all business from Local to internationally operated businesses.

SEO Basics

Finding the right keywords:

Very first thing a smart online marketers should do a keywords research to find out right keywords or search terms for your products or services. That will give you good idea to write informative and relevant content and meta data.

Good Content:

Good content! Good content!! Good content!!! there is no alternative of having very good content on your pages. Search engines are getting smarter day by day. Search robot has good understanding about the contents which is  close to human’s understanding.  Content should reflect your products and services and have keywords on it. So you always need to focus on writing good content and update to keep it fresh. You need to give importance on

  • Informative content
  • Relevant content
  • Error free content
  • Content with keywords
  • Not repeating keywords

Meta Data:

Setting the right and effective meta data is the most vital factor for SEO which title and description. Meta information is one of the very first thing search engines start looking at. So a very google title and description is extremely necessary to secure a good position on organic search.

Technical Check :

You need to make sure your site is loading quickly in all devices:

Desktop Loading speed

Mobile loading speed

Tablets loading speed


Links :

Building quality inbound links is extremely important for good SEO practise.  Buying irrelevant links might make you look stupid. So you need think something more productive than link purchase. Good number of valid links and anchor could bring your website on the top of searches on search engines.


Other than these URL structuring and using the social medias are also part of basic SEO practise.